Blue Dreamy Room | Animated Stream Overlay Pack

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Blue Dreamy Room | Day & Night Mode | Animated Stream Overlay Pack

Note: AI was used to kickstart the creative process of only the scene in the pack.

This is a digital download.

You can use this for your own stream only. Do NOT share with others.

Pack Includes:

  • 1x Day mode scene
  • 4x Scene text: Starting Soon, Back Soon, Ending Soon, and Offline
  • 6x Movable desk setup elements
  • 7x Movable components: Corner blossoms, books, candle, cats, plant pot, and toad
  • 1x Day mode overlay v1
  • 1x Night mode overlay v1
  • 1x Day mode overlay v2
  • 1x Night mode overlay v2
  • 1x Day mode chatbox
  • 1x Night mode chatbox
  • 3x Day mode tags
  • 3x Night mode tags
  • 25x Panels

Suitable for all types of streamers, including Vtubers. Chat widget is not included in the pack and is sold separately.

How to Download:

  1. Download the file from Drive.
  2. Use WinRAR or any other extractor to extract the file.
  3. Drag and drop the assets into your streaming software.

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